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Gynecology in Muskogee, OK

CCOM Medical Group Provides Gynecology Services in Muskogee, OK. We Are Conveniently Located over at 350 South 40th Street Muskogee, OK 74401. Call Us Today for Further Details at (918) 683-0753. We are Open 5 Days a Week.

Gynecology in Muskogee, OK

Have you been searching for gynecology in your area? If so, then you can come to CCOM Medical Group to see Dr. Carolyn Garcia, MD for a consultation. The doctor is able to provide dozens of different services for women and their intimate health needs. She can also offer some same-day services, as well as onsite diagnostics with lab tests and x-rays. For quality gynecology in Muskogee OK, come to CCOM Medical Group to see Dr. Garcia.

When should I go see a gynecologist?

At a certain point in a woman’s life, she becomes at risk for some common conditions that are preventable by a gynecologist. Generally, this happens at around 21 years of age or when a woman becomes sexually active. For these women, it’s very important that they see a gynecologist yearly for well-woman exams.

Also, a woman should start seeing a gynecologist if she experiences changes in her menstrual cycle/period frequency, discomfort in the vaginal area, menopause, or irregular bleeding. A gynecologist can provide short- or long-term support and be an important member of a woman’s healthcare team.

What do gynecologists do during a checkup?

A woman’s health checkup, also known as a well-woman exam, is a yearly-service that gynecologists provide. We provide this service here at CCOM Medical Group. These exams can screen for signs of breast cancer and other conditions that could otherwise become very serious. The exams are also a good opportunity for a woman to bring up any questions about any intimate, reproductive, or contraception topics.

During your checkup, we can also help you if you’re experiencing any issues, like changes in your period frequency. We can treat other women’s health issues too, such as overactive bladder, ovarian cysts, painful menstruation, endometriosis, and others.

In addition to checkups, we can provide a number of other services like preventative care, regular testing for at-risk patients, pap smear exams, contraceptive counselling, STD counselling, hormone replacement therapy, osteoporosis screening and treatment, and more. For a full list of the issues we treat and services we offer, please see our Services page.

Can a gynecologist be your primary care physician?

Yes, a gynecologist can become your primary care physician! It comes down to personal preference and your particular health needs. Here at CCOM Medical Group, Dr. Garcia would be happy to speak with you about your health and the possibility of becoming your primary physician.

We believe that you will enjoy meeting Dr. Garcia during a consultation with her, and that she will earn your trust quickly. We hope this will be the start of a trusting, lasting relationship.

Does Dr. Garcia provide gynecology in Muskogee, OK?

Yes! Dr. Garcia is our gynecologist here at CCOM Medical Group, and she serves the Muskogee OK area and surrounding communities. You’ll find our clinic at 350 South 40th Street Muskogee, OK 74401. To make an appointment for a consultation with the doctor, please do so on our Appointments page. You’re also welcome to reach out to us at (918) 683-0753 if you have any questions about the doctor or our services. We’re available Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 5 pm for your convenience.

For gynecology services in Muskogee OK, you’ll find excellent, attentive service with Dr. Garcia here at CCOM Medical Group. We look forward to your visit and to helping you with your health!

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